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Smartphones have becomes a very important part of lives and most of the activities in our daily life are assisted by these pretty little devices in our hands. Mobiles have completely changed the conventional way of doing things and now under the hood of smartphone users carries a complete package comprising music player, camera, GPS

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The smartphone world has been hit by a latest sensation which has made users go crazy doing all sort of stuff from crossing international boundaries to trespassing private properties. Yes, we are talking about the Pokemon GO game here which has hit smartphones users all over the world like a storm. Developed by Niantic studios,

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The gaming community has been hit hard by a new game in the town, Pokemon Go. The media has been abuzz with new updates about the game and the name Pokemon is now on every alternate lip. Developed by Niantic games, the game has been particularly popular among the generation which grew up watching Pokemon

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At least 8 out every 10 smartphone users mostly use their smartphones to remain connected to Social Media. Checking in at different places, sharing images or videos is the latest trend and sites such Instagram have taken it to a whole new level. Everyone wants to upload a new pic to FB or Instagram every

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The Google Play Store is expanding with every passing day as hundreds of new apps are added to the it’s database comprising of games, tools, social networking apps and many others. Among all the apps present on Google Play, games are the single largest category which houses millions of apps varying across different genres. While

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Smartphone OS such as Android, iOS have a long way now incorporating a large of new features which effectively make smartphones more powerful. From Conference calls to Video Conferences, image editing to video editing smartphones have excelled in every department and so is the case with gaming which is taking huge strides forward in terms

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Halfbrick studios is one of the best android game developer in Google Play store. The developer has brought many amazing games for android smartphones and tablets. If you have played the game developed by Halfbrick studios in the past like Fruit Ninja and would like to play some more games then you should try Star

Download Gods of Rome for PC – Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Gods of Rome is an action game which is developed by Gameloft. The ancient evil gods have summoned their souls and it’s your responsibility to lead an army of warriors to fight the evil. The game is set in the old medieval time where you will be battling against the evil. You are having the

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EA has released the latest FIFA title last month and since the day it has been an absolute blockbuster with hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide. Every year EA releases a new game of it’s most franchise in the month of september which bring along with it many major and minor changes. While most of

Download Fallout Shelter for PC – Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Mobile devices are gaining more and more importance in our everyday lives, whether it be looking for some restaurants, booking flights or playing games. The mobile industry has experienced a huge boom over the past few years which has made developing games for smartphones even more profitable and lucrative. Most of the major players of