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Download Prisma for Laptop/PC Windows 10/8

Smartphones have becomes a very important part of lives and most of the activities in our daily life are assisted by these pretty little devices in our hands. Mobiles have completely changed the conventional way of doing things and now under the hood of smartphone users carries a complete package comprising music player, camera, GPS

Download Photofy for PC | Laptop | Windows 10

At least 8 out every 10 smartphone users mostly use their smartphones to remain connected to Social Media. Checking in at different places, sharing images or videos is the latest trend and sites such Instagram have taken it to a whole new level. Everyone wants to upload a new pic to FB or Instagram every

Download SuperBeam for Lumia 520 / 730 / 630

Android OS now captures captures around 85% of the world smartphone market and such popularity of this freeware from Google has been inspired by the large directory of app that Google Play is. Google Play has millions of apps in it’s database which can help to achieve almost every imaginable task via simple touch. Among

Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

You can try different web browsers on your android device as if you will search for web browsers in Google Play you will come across a lot of them. One of the best web browsers which you will find in Google Play store is the UC browser. UC web browser delivers fast and all in one web