Download Fallout Shelter for PC – Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Mobile devices are gaining more and more importance in our everyday lives, whether it be looking for some restaurants, booking flights or playing games. The mobile industry has experienced a huge boom over the past few years which has made developing games for smartphones even more profitable and lucrative. Most of the major players of gaming industry such as EA, Gameloft are developing apps for Android and iOS which ensures a constant influx of interesting games for these platforms. While most of the popular games on play store come from top developers, some new developers have come up with extremely addictive games which have attracted millions of downloads in a very short time. One such game is Fallout Shelter, developed by Bethesda Software LLC under the Simulation genre. We expect that the major proportion of the user on this page already know about the game cause they are searching for tutorial to download Fallout Shelter for PC. For those of you who have not tried the game yet, read about it here.


The game falls under one of most popular categories, Simulation which also houses some other great games such as Goat Simulator, Sims FreePlay. In the game you strive to build a perfect vault. Select from a variety of modern-day rooms to turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the very picture of Vault Life. Get to know your Dwellers and lead them to happiness. Find their ideal jobs and watch them flourish. Provide them with outfits, weapons, and training to improve their abilities.Send Dwellers above ground to explore the blasted surface left behind and seek adventure, handy survival loot, or unspeakable death. Find new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. Combined with a unique idea and a great gameplay, Fallout Shelter has gone viral among the android smartphone users within few days of it’s launch and so many users are now looking to download Fallout Shelter for PC. In this article we have arranged a very easy-to-understand tutorial which will help you play Fallout Shelter on PC.

Fallout Shelter for PC game features


To play Fallout Shelter for PC, users will to have an Android Emulator installed on their computers. Since .apk files are not directly installable over Windows operating system, Emulators act as an intermediary to run android files over a mismatching OS. A large number of choices are available on the internet regarding the choice of emulators but we will be using Bluestacks for our tutorial here as it is compatible with most of the apps and also has a very stable version but you can always give a try to others as well.


Download Fallout Shelter for PC

  • Download Bluestacks software for PC according to the OS installed (MAC/Windows). Get it by navigating to official website
  • Install the Bluestacks app player and make sure your PC is connected to internet during the installation period.
  • Once Bluestacks is ready for first use, run it by giving acess to admin priviliges.
  • In the interface that pops up before you now, search for fallout shelter via the search bar.
  • From the search results, click on Fallout Shelter icon.
  • In the page that opens up now, click on install and the game will start downloading.
  • While files of the app get downloaded, you can check your emails or Facebook feed.
  • Now run the app by going to ‘My Apps’ section.